Initial Steam Deck Experience

I was really excited to get my Steam Deck. After trying and failing to win one through the Game Awards giveaway and a local Global Game Jam, I finally decided it was time to pull the plug and buy one myself.

I made the purchase on March 2, 2023 and by March 16 they were on sale for 10% off. This was a huge disappointment to me but luckily Valve support pulled through and gave me the difference in Steam credit! Huge props to them.

Now that I’ve finally got the Deck I will be going through and documenting my experimentation and tweaking of the Deck. For reference, I have purchased the 64 GB model with the glossy screen.

When doing price evaluation I found that this model made the most sense for me as if I run out of space, I would want a larger SSD than the 256 GB model anyways, and the matte screen of the 512 GB Deck was not appealing to me (if I want a matte finish, I will apply a protector instead). Most of my use of the Deck will likely be inside for the forseable future anyways, so the tradeoff of display brightness and quality vs viewability was not a big deal to me.

I also purchased a 400GB Sandisk Extreme A2 MicroSD card for installing Windows on.

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