As a software developer, designing solutions is my life., passion.

Currently, I'm pursuing a Bachelors of Computing Science at Thompson Rivers University.

Want to see what I've done?

Who am I?

I’m a C#-loving computer nerd living in Kamloops, BC. Ever since I was 12, I’ve been playing around programming on computers. Even before that, I was playing around with Windows Media Player skins and other ways to hack and change the operating system. Since then, I’ve always been trying to learn, both through academia and by creating small projects on my own. My list of projects trails way back, far beyond what I can show on this website...

More recently, I’ve been attending Thompson Rivers University in order to get a Bachelors in Computing Science. I also plan on getting a minor in management, after taking a large amount of management and marketing-related electives.

Every day I try to learn something new, and I find myself attracted to environments and people that promote learning.

If you're interested, you can download a copy of my resume here. Or, keep scrolling to see some stuff I've done.

Recent Projects
BG96sharp is a library I wrote from scratch to interface with Quectel BG95 and BG96 boards on both Windows and Linux. We used this in a research project at TRU to determine the viability of creating a cellular-transmitting GPS tracker for electric bikes. It is open-source and available on GitHub.
Kamloops Campus Companion
After becoming frustrated with the Universities' official companion app, I wrote my own using Xamarin.Forms. To do so, I had to scrape JSON and HTML from the schools proprietary course management system. I then added a lot more third-party functionality. You can see it here.
CandleLightNet is a .NET-compatible library that allows interaction with CandleLight-based CAN devices. I developed it while working for Cypress Robotics. It is open-source and available on GitHub.
Work Experience
While working at Cypress Robotics, I...
  • Performed regular IT tasks for both Cypress Robotics and its parent company, Axis Forestry
  • Helped develop the control software for a complex processor head control system, operating over the CAN protocol in C++ and QtQuick
  • Prototyped a rewrite of that system in a couple of days, using C# and WPF
  • Created a timeclock system for the company using .NET Core and ASP.NET MVC
  • Setup a syslog server, then wrote a React web interface for accessing stored logs and enabled remote access via VNC or SSH (in the browser)
  • Developed software to interact with QuickBooks Desktop to synchronize on-premise inventory and pricing data with the Axis Forestry website
  • Kickstarted development on a brand new controller for use with the Cypress Control System, including breadboarding a prototype and developing the initial firmware
  • Designed and created the Cypress Robotics website, including setting up SEO and Google Analytics
  • Helped troubleshoot and debug software issues, both from home office and in the field (well... forest)
  • Developed a new network infrastructure for the office based on pfSense, in order to band-aid the company until it moved to a new building
  • Deployed a new network post-move using Ubiquiti hardware
  • Managed multiple virtual machines running Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD-based operating systems via Citrix XenServer and XCP-NG
...worked my butt off
Now, I'm back at school full-time.

I’ve decided to pursue research projects, like the TRU E-Bike Project, and otherwise focus on my studies in order to graduate in a reasonable time-frame. I currently have a projected graduation date sometime in 2021.

That being said, I’m always interested in new opportunities. Feel free to get in touch or connect with me!